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Domestic violence is a serious criminal charge, and it often results after a heated confrontation or because of dishonest motives. Yet you stand accused, facing jail time and other serious consequences if you are convicted.

The law firm of Christopher A. Wellborn, P.A. offers a strong defense for this serious situation. We represent men and women in Rock Hill, York County and surrounding communities throughout South Carolina accused of domestic assault. Contact us as soon as possible so that we can start to defend you against the criminal charges and permanent restraining orders that may follow.

Domestic Violence Charges

Standard law enforcement policy says someone must be arrested when police respond to a report of spousal abuse or other household violence. The other party may be equally or more at fault, but you were hauled to jail and now must answer the allegations in court.

The actual charges depend on a variety of factors, including the degree of alleged harm a "victim" suffered. Simple assault (shoving, slapping, threatening gestures) is a misdemeanor offense. If a weapon was involved or the accuser suffered serious injury, it can be a felony charge of criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature. A conviction will mean mandatory jail time of at least one year without possibility of parole, loss of your right to possess firearms, and a legal barrier from seeing your children.

Fighting the Allegations

Chris Wellborn is a former prosecutor and longtime criminal defense lawyer. He knows the questions to ask: Is it properly charged as a domestic case, or was it an altercation with an ex-spouse or former girlfriend? Was there alcohol involved? Is there an ongoing custody dispute or pending divorce? Does the victim want to press charges? What investigation did the police conduct?

We advise clients about all possible ramifications facing them following an assault arrest, including temporary restraining orders. We often end up defending clients accused of the additional crime of violating protective orders. Mr. Wellborn will negotiate a plea bargain to minimize the punishment if the prosecutor has a solid case, or represent you at trial to fight the allegations.

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