South Carolina Money Laundering Defense Attorney

Money laundering is an offense that you can be charged with for just about any type of action and is usually found in connection with other allegations of illegal activity. This crime is used to enhance penalties being sought by prosecutors and can severely impact the outcome of your case.

Christopher Wellborn is a former prosecutor who is familiar with how money laundering investigations are conducted and how the government uses this charge when building conspiracy and other types of cases against people. Now as a York County and South Carolina money laundering defense attorney who devotes his entire practice exclusively to criminal defense on the state and federal levels, he fights on behalf of his clients who are being targeted with this type of white collar crime offense. Contact our firm today for a free consultation to see how we can help you.

At the law firm of Christopher A. Wellborn, P.A., we handle any case involving money laundering charges, including when this accusation also follows allegations of:

In many of these cases, the money laundering charges are important and constant battles that Mr. Wellborn aggressively investigates and attacks because the rest of case may hinge on this charge. The penalties also increase when a money laundering charge is attached and charges may include enhanced prison times, fines, and even forfeiture of your assets, including your home where you and your family resides.

We Know What's at Stake

These cases demand a skilled federal criminal defense lawyer who can counsel you about how to proceed. In these cases, every action you take and every comment you make to law enforcement or anyone else can have serious long-term consequences and can be used against you. Chris Wellborn understands how to prevent these kind of problems and challenge evidence where appropriate, including whether you had the required intent when engaging the actions that the prosecution has deemed to be money laundering. He is always prepared to take your case to trial if that is in your best interest.

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