Four South Carolina residents face drug charges

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Drugs and other illegal substances can be found all over the world. Whether it is grown or chemically made, any type of illegal substance can present a problem, and anyone who is accused of drug allegations may find their lives turned upside down. Suddenly someone can have their reputation ruined, relationships strained or even torn apart, along with other drastic changes that rapidly shatter their whole world. Unfortunately, this scenario may have become all too real for four South Carolina residents since they all currently face drug charges.

The four adults were supposedly “smurfing” before they were arrested on Sunday morning when deputies claimed to have found traces of meth during a traffic stop. According to a report by the deputies that were on the scene, ‘smurfing’ is the term used to describe a technique that meth cooks and addicts use to out-maneuver the purchasing limits on items used in the manufacturing of meth. This is done by several people riding around in a car to several different drug stores in one night.

After seeing the ‘smurfers’ load back up in the car, deputies followed them and made the traffic stop in a nearby parking lot. When they saw someone in the car stash something in the seat behind him, the deputies proceeded to search the car and find the methamphetamine. All four of the individuals in this case were charged with manufacturing meth in connection with the stop. One was also charged with possession of a controlled substance along with the other charges.

Luckily for these South Carolina residents, as well as countless others who face drug charges, the judicial system of America is blind. All who are accused of crimes are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The United States judicial system places the burden of proof on prosecutors and will make sure that the trial is fair in every sense.

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