Drunk driving may have caused accident in South Carolina

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South Carolina has car accidents every day, in all parts of the state. The public typically wants a reason for the accident, whether it is texting, drunk driving or some other form of negligence. It seems that an accident is rarely simply characterized as a mistake. Unfortunately, a driver is now being accused of drinking and driving after he is said to have caused an accident in South Carolina.

In the latter part of July, a 43-year-old South Carolina resident rear ended a moped with his SUV and killed its driver. The accident occurred on Highway 61 around shortly after midnight. According to witnesses, the SUV driver was traveling at a high rate of speed along Highway 61 when he moved into to the left lane to pass a car in front of him. He then went moved back into the right lane and struck the moped, killing the 59-year-old driver.

The driver of the SUV suffered minor injuries in the crash. After the accident, he was taken to Medical University of South Carolina. From there, he was transferred to Al Cannon Detention Center later the same day. Investigators say they noted that he had bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol.

Though this may be another accident caused by drunk driving, it could also be a simple mistake and nothing more. Luckily for the SUV driver, the South Carolina criminal justice system does not act on rumor alone. Rather, courts examine the facts. This man will be given the opportunity to contest the allegations and challenge the evidence offered against him. Nevertheless, in view of the severe penalties a criminal conviction could bring under these unfortunate circumstances, he must necessarily focus on the accusations and prepare a defense that both protects his considerable legal rights while allows him to fight for the best possible result.

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