South Carolina father charged with DUI

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A teenage girl was recently hit by a van at the hands of her father. The man has been accused of driving drunk at the time of the accident. He was charged with DUI along with other charges. He is being detained at a South Carolina county facility without bond.

According to officials, the arrest occurred after the man reportedly hit his daughter with his vehicle. The exact details of how the accident happened has not been reported. Officers arrived at the home after receiving a call from an unknown source regarding an accident. When officers arrived, they reportedly discovered the man was not in the driver’s seat. He allegedly swapped his seating arrangement right before being confronted and was situated in the passenger’s seat.

The teenage girl went to the hospital with unspecified injuries and the man informed officials that he accidentally hit his daughter with his vehicle. Law enforcement tested his blood-alcohol content and results reportedly came back at 0.13. He was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated. He also faces charges of aggravated assault and battery. Attorney information has not been made available in this matter.

Driving drunk is a dangerous act which can lead to an accident and DUI charges, in addition to other potential consequences in the event of a conviction. A person who has been charged with drunk driving in South Carolina can lose their driving privileges and freedom for years to come. Any individual who has been accused, has the right to prepare a defense strategy to fight for the most feasible outcome.

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