DWI leads to charges filed against South Carolina man

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Alcohol is a legal substance, but the abuse of this beverage can lead to severe consequences. Driving under the influence of alcohol is not only hazardous to the well-being of the driver and others, but it is also against the law. A South Carolina man recently found out just how a DWI charge can impact his life.

The man was arrested and charged after he drove his pick-up truck through a local fire station. The charges included a hit-and-run with damage to property and a DWI charge. He was also charged with driving while unrestrained when he was apparently witnessed to have fallen out of the truck at a near-by stop sign before the truck ran through the station.

Thankfully, the driver was not injured from his fall, and the firefighters were not inside the building when the truck impacted. The fire station sustained damage to the bunk room and to the front wall of the building. The driver’s blood-alcohol levels came back as 0.23 percent when tested at the detention center he was taken to after his arrest.

If the man decides to fight the charges, it will be the prosecutor’s goal to prove that the man was intoxicated at the time of the accident. It would be a good idea for the man to take a look at the evidence that is up against him so that he has an idea of how to defend his case. Should there be any errors or discrepancies within the case, the DWI and other charges filed against him in South Carolina could be dismissed.

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