Man accused of sex crimes faces serious criminal charges

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When an individual is accused of a serious crime, a chain reaction often is set into motion. Long before the matter reaches a court of law, news of the arrest and details of the alleged crime are often widely reported by the media. This often includes the name and photo of the alleged perpetrator. The next step is often a loss of employment, and in many cases the wrath of a community. For one South Carolina man who has been accused of sex crimes, these events may already begun.

The 42-year-old man stands accused of raping a 12-year-old girl. The child was reportedly living with a family who has a friendly relationship with the man. It is unclear how the man came to be in the presence of the alleged victim, and no details surrounding the alleged assault have been released.

He has now been charged with criminal sexual contact with a minor, a serious criminal offense. He also has a prior conviction for an incident involving a teenage girl, although details of that case have not been released. It is unclear how police connected him to the reported rape of the 12-year-old, or how his prior conviction and link to the family housing the child factored into their decision to arrest him.

In cases such as this, it is unfortunate that the general public often forgets that many alleged sex crimes never reach a court of law. In many cases, South Carolina charges are dropped when the victim adjusts his or her statement, or when the evidence simply does not support the charge. Sadly, once these types of charges reach the media, the damage to an individual’s reputation has already been done. This case exemplifies the need for anyone accused of sex crimes to mount an aggressive and comprehensive legal defense.

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