Accusations of sex crimes may damage South Carolina man

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Working as part of the correctional facility and justice system can be a very rewarding profession. Allegations of any sex crimes can be detrimental to someone who works for the law. Recent reports in South Carolina claim that a correctional officer is currently being investigated after such accusations were made against him.

Allegations of sexual abuse were reported, claiming that a correctional officer was sexually abusing one of his younger female relatives. The girl allegedly made the reports of abuse to her school resource officer. Her reports claim that she was being abused for the likelihood of four years before she reported the relative’s actions to police.

The man accused of the abuse is a long-time South Carolina correctional officer who had been serving since 2005. He had been working most recently at a maximum security prison facility. Because of these accusations, the man has been placed on an administrative suspension and has lost his pay until the investigation is completed. His reputation is also likely damaged, as the reports of the investigation have hit the public news.

These allegations of sex crimes can be ultimately damaging to his career and his personal character — especially if they are not true. It would be in the man’s best interest to have a good defense team to go over all the evidence and statements that will be used against him to make sure there are no errors or falsifications. A good defense team in South Carolina can be the difference between a fair trial and a long time in jail.

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