Daycare worker pending rape charges

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Children are usually filled with love and joy and happiness. On the other hand, children who are molested or raped tend to have a different attitude about them. Most people of South Carolina know that abusing a child in any way is not legal, and that there are consequences for these types of actions — such as possibly facing rape or child pornography charges.

A young woman has recently been arrested and charged with the alleged rapes of multiple children who attended the daycare center where she worked. She was recently charged with several molestation and child pornography charges after police supposedly found videos that she had allegedly taken of herself raping up to four toddler-aged children. She was then suspected of possibly molesting children at another center where she was previously employed.

According to reports of her arrest, the woman and her defense team are planning to base their case on her being influenced to commit the alleged acts because her boyfriend was apparently forcing her do them. The boyfriend has a previous criminal record for child abuse in a sexual nature and allegedly requested — during phone conversations — that the woman record the acts for his viewing. He also apparently faces numerous charges for his involvement, as well as other charges.

The woman faces a lifetime sentence if she is convicted. However, she may be eligible for a lesser sentence if she agrees to a plea bargain that reduces the rape and child pornography charges. Residents of South Carolina can surely see how having a good defense team can help when facing such a large criminal record case. It is also important to note that the woman is innocent unless she can absolutely be proved guilty.

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