Embezzlement scheme uncovered by surprise South Carolina audit

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Money can sometimes make people do crazy things in life. People who work around money are often more tempted by the thought of maybe taking some of the money home without anyone’s knowledge. Knowing the policies and procedures of a financial institute can make the thought of embezzlement seem closer to a reality — even with the risk of getting caught. Reports of a recent South Carolina audit show that, even after several years, getting caught for a crime is always a possibility.

Surprise audits were done at a local financial center in South Carolina. The real surprise was finding out that one of the tellers had allegedly embezzled $200,000 over the span of a few years. She supposedly took the money from her teller drawer and the vault. The woman had allegedly been taking money from the bank between 2006 and 2011.

The reports indicated that she was charged with embezzling the funds and was sentenced to 33 months of federal prison time. On top of the prison time, the woman was ordered to pay back the funds that she had allegedly taken. The judge ordered her to pay back an additional $6,500 along with the amount taken, for a total restitution amount of $206,500 owed to the bank.

Embezzlement charges are taken seriously in the state of South Carolina, but the accused still have rights. Sometimes making a plea agreement is the best case scenario, and having a legal defense team review all the evidence and facts of the case may help to determine what is best. In any case, it is best to remember that there are options, and that the accused are always innocent until proved guilty in a court of law.

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