Man accused of sex crimes arrested on warrant in South Carolina

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Being convicted of any crime can be overwhelming and can force people to make some unwise decisions. However, running from the law could potentially make any current charges worse and could lead to additional time added to a possible prison sentence. A man was recently detained in South Carolina after apparently hiding from police once he was accused of sex crimes.

Sexual assault charges can cause serious hits to a criminal record. According to a recent report, U.S. marshals reported that a man was being pursued for the alleged assaults of a sexual nature on a minor. He was apparently wanted on multiple charges, and a warrant was placed for his arrest.

These sexual assault charges included an alleged involuntary deviate intercourse charge and an indecent aggravated assault charge, among others. The man was arrested and detained without any incidents, according to reports. He was then taken to a detention center and held until he was released to other local officials, in order to complete processing.

In a situation where someone is accused of a crime but does not come forward or is not arrested in a timely matter may lead to having a warrant put out for the arrest. This can cause even more problems when facing the judge or jury in a courtroom; therefore, having a legal defense in South Carolina could make dealing with the situation at least a little less stressful and less overwhelming. It is the defense team’s responsibility to do everything in their power to uncover any evidence or reports that would help their clients. Those who are arrested are presumed innocent until proved guilty — even if they are arrested for sex crimes.

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