Mother may face jail time for 2 South Carolina DUI deaths

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Losing a child is understandably a devastating situation to be in. To have allegedly caused the death could be one of the hardest things to endure. A South Carolina mother will unfortunately have to live with the knowledge that she may be responsible for the death of her two children because of a DUI accident that happened just after the holidays.

Two little girls were tragically killed in a recent accident where their mother was allegedly driving while intoxicated. Both of the children were not even 5 years of age. The youngest was only a year old. According to investigators, the oldest child was wearing a seatbelt, and the younger child was restrained properly in her car seat. It can only be assumed that the impact of the crash was strong enough to fatally injure the children even though they were properly restrained.

Reports indicated that the mother was also apparently driving on a suspended license. She was apparently arrested, but was recently released from jail after her bond was set 24 hours prior at just over $50,650. She faces two felony charges of intoxicated driving that resulted in deaths. There were no reports of exactly how the accident occurred; however, police officials are still investigating the situation.

This is possibly one of the most unfortunate events for a person to be in. Not only will this mother have to face her actions herself, but she will also ultimately have to face a South Carolina courtroom where a jury may listen to her story, and a judge may sentence her for these charges if she is found guilty. Even with the other members of her family on her side, it may be a wise decision for the woman to obtain a DUI defense team to guide her through what will most likely be an emotional and overwhelming trial.

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