South Carolina police department employee gets DUI charge

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Driving under the influence is never a good idea. Alcohol impairs a person’s driving and reflex abilities, which makes safely operating a vehicle more difficult. A recent traffic stop in South Carolina led to the arrest of a civilian employee who was allegedly DUI while driving her SUV.

Just after a woman apparently almost caused a car accident, police pulled the vehicle over. Reports indicated that there was supposedly a strong alcohol smell that the officers noticed as they approached the SUV. The woman behind the wheel of the vehicle claimed that she had only had a couple of drinks before she started driving, but she allegedly failed a field sobriety test and later refused to perform a Breathalyzer test.

The 24-year-old female driver was arrested and is now being charged with a first offense DUI. She is reportedly an employee of a South Carolina police department where she is listed as an intelligence analyst. According to the report, the woman was recorded asking the arresting officers to have her supervisors meet her at the jail. She has worked for the department for two years, and the arrest has apparently not affected her employment status.

Even though the woman may not have lost her job, she is still going to have to face her criminal DUI charges in court. Not every judge looks at a first offense as deserving of a simple punishment, so without help she could face a harsher punishment than she necessarily deserves. It may be beneficial for the woman to have some sort of representation to assist her in receiving the best outcome in this situation.

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