South Carolina teen arrested for weapon and drug possession

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Possessing controlled substances and weapons on school property is a crime. Most schools take these offenses very seriously and act on the situations immediately. One South Carolina school recently had a teenager arrested and charged with drug possession after a search of his personal belongings was performed.

The 17-year-old male was allegedly signed into the school’s visitor’s log on the day he was arrested. He apparently was not a student at the school and was caught smoking a cigarette in the parking lot by the resource officer. During the search of the young man’s belongings, the resource officer and some of the school administrators allegedly found over a half-ounce of marijuana along with at least 45 Klonopin prescription pills. They also reportedly recovered a can of tear gas and $350 in cash.

Reports did not indicate the reason as to why the young man was on the school property. The report did say that he was being charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance with the alleged intent to distribute on or close to a school. He was also charged with carrying a weapon onto the school’s property.

Since the teen is underage, he will most likely benefit from having a criminal defense team to assist him with getting through the weapon and drug possession charges. It is the defense team’s responsibility to disprove the possession and intent to distribute charges since anyone who is arrested in South Carolina is innocent until proved guilty. Surely the arrest and being charged has caused some stress for the alleged assailant and his family. Hopefully they can get through this situation smoothly so that the young man can go on with his life.

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