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February 2014 Archives

South Carolina sheriff charged with fraud

White collar crimes are among the most serious of offenses a person can be charged with. Some of these crimes are felonies, and they can result in long prison sentences, heavy fines and other penalties. Those convicted of white collar crimes may find the effects are even more far reaching than those associated with the standard felony charge. Often those accused are used to set an example by government agencies. However, because they involve a person's intent, they may be among the more difficult crimes to prove.

Woman killed in Rock Hill crash involving alleged drunk driver

It can be tempting to get behind the wheel after a few drinks. You might feel like you haven’t had that much or know that you only have a short drive to make. However, South Carolina, like the rest of the U.S., is increasingly implementing harsh penalties for drinking and driving. The repercussions for driving under the influence can include imprisonment, heavy fines and counseling. A DUI conviction can also bear long-term implications, including loss of a driver’s license and difficulties finding employment. Criminal charges may even be upgraded to a felony count if another person has been injured or killed as the result of drunk driving.

Man faces sex crime charges in South Carolina and Oklahoma

Sexual offenses can result in serious criminal punishment, including time in prison. Once released, people in South Carolina convicted of sex crimes must also register as sex offenders, which can make it difficult to find housing, employment or enjoy a peaceful life.

Vulnerable South Carolina residents targeted in mail fraud

Advances in technology have happened at an accelerated rate and have impacted every aspect of people's lives. As a result of advances in medical treatment people are living for far longer than they once did. It has recently been alleged that a group of individuals put these two together and conspired to commit wire and mail fraud, by way of lottery scams, targeting vulnerable elderly South Carolina residents.

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