Man faces sex crime charges in South Carolina and Oklahoma

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Sexual offenses can result in serious criminal punishment, including time in prison. Once released, people in South Carolina convicted of sex crimes must also register as sex offenders, which can make it difficult to find housing, employment or enjoy a peaceful life.

A gymnastics teacher is facing charges of rape and molestation of a minor. The man owns his own gym and has taught gymnastics in several states over the years. He has most recently been living in Oklahoma, where he first faced charges. Charges have now been brought against him in South Carolina, as well.

If convicted, the instructor could face a long prison term, and his status as a sex offender would alter the conditions of his life after jail. The charges may possibly be looked at as a no-parole offense, and the man may be required to serve the majority of his sentence before even being considered for a parole hearing.

In some cases, charges of sex crimes are brought against innocent people who find themselves in an unfortunate set of circumstances. Whether the charges are for criminal sexual misconduct, statutory rape, child pornography or other offenses, it is necessary for the prosecution to prove the criminal actions took place before a defendant can be convicted.

Because these types of charges can bring serious damage to a person’s life and reputation, a case needs to be handled properly to ensure a suitable outcome is reached. If you are wrongly charged with a sex crime, you must protect yourself from becoming a victim of the prosecutorial system.

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