Troopers charge Greenwood man with multiple drug offenses

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Drug trafficking and driving under the influence can carry harsh penalties in South Carolina. When paired with other charges, a conviction for driving under the influence or drug sales has the potential to result in a prison sentence, fines and other punishment that can alter a person’s life. For this reason, suspects need to skillfully address charges and attempt to minimize a sentence or have the charges dropped to protect their future.

A Greenwood man has been charged with multiple offenses after he was pulled over and arrested by the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

Troopers became suspicious of the man when he avoided a traffic safety checkpoint. According to officials, the man approached the traffic checkpoint before turning his vehicle around and driving off. The man was allegedly driving in the wrong lane as he left the checkpoint, which compelled troopers to follow. After a short chase, he was he was arrested for failure to stop.

A minuscule amount of what was believed to be marijuana was found in his car. Although he refused a blood test, he was also charged with a DUI. The additional charges were filed after he was taken to a detention center. The charges include DUI as well as possession with the intention of distributing marijuana. In addition, the man was charged with possession with intent to sell marijuana near a school, driving left of center, littering and having unsafe tires.

The high number of charges against the man could present long-term consequences if he is convicted. When facing drug charges in the state of South Carolina, it is important for anyone to understand their rights. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and a criminal defense attorney familiar with prosecutorial tactics may be able to negotiate a reduction or dismissal of several of certain charges with the right approach.

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