Columbia man charged with embezzlement of public funds

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White collar crimes are among the most serious offenses a person can commit, and convictions can lead to prolonged prison sentences. Many people charged with embezzlement, fraud and similar crimes are arrested for something they have done at work. Frequently, they are unaware that their actions were in violation of any laws. Maybe they were asked to perform the work by a superior, or an employer placed a greater responsibility on the person than was reasonable. No matter how the situation arises, it is important for people suspected of white collar crimes in South Carolina to pursue a criminal defense in order to protect themselves and their future.

In Georgetown County, a man has been arrested for embezzlement of public funds. The man was once the county’s economic development director. Police say the former director misappropriated funds for his own use over the course of nearly three years. The man was hired for his position in the mid-2000s, when Georgetown was undergoing a rapid population increase. The alleged embezzlement occurred in the period from January 2010 to September 2013.

The Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office arrested the man after an investigation of his apartment. The Sheriff’s Office obtained word earlier this year from the Georgetown County Administrator’s Office about the alleged fraud. The man is currently awaiting a bond hearing.

These types of charges are not uncommon for city workers and others who are responsible for large amounts of money. Unfortunately, those who are given large responsibility at work may be faced with greater risk of being accused of criminal activity. If you find yourself facing charges for fraud or other white-collar crimes, it is important to establish a criminal defense to defend your name.

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