34 people detained in connection to a drug investigation

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On Sept. 23, 34 people in South Carolina were taken into custody for their alleged involvement in illegal drug activities. Aside from the drug offenses, officers from the Union County Sheriff’s Office issued charges to six individuals that included hindering, sex offender registration violations, littering and driving under suspension. The undercover investigation had been ongoing for months, and more than 50 warrants were issued in the case, according to reports.

In a press release, the sheriff’s office stated that the investigation was initiated in an effort to mitigate the illegal narcotics activity and the violent crime it causes in the community. Police also indicated that additional charges against the accused individuals were still pending.

Two of the 34 people face charges for distribution of marijuana within one half-mile of a school, and another was charged with distribution of a Schedule III controlled substance within one a half-mile of a school. Other charges against the individuals included distribution of methamphetamine, crack cocaine and synthetic marijuana as well as unlawful disposal of meth waste and attempting to obtain a controlled substance.

People facing serious drug charges could benefit from consulting a criminal defense lawyer. Legal counsel may be able to exonerate the defendant if some type of error or legal violation occurred during the course of the investigation, the arresting incident or the legal proceedings thereafter. Moreover, in some cases, a simple error in the collection or cataloging of evidence could warrant a dismissal. A lawyer may also focus on raising reasonable doubt or negotiating a favorable plea agreement outside of court.

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