Alleged intoxicated driver hits gas station

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A 32-year-old man is facing charges of driving under the influence after an accident in South Carolina on Oct. 5. According to police, the man was impaired by drugs and alcohol when he was taken into custody.

The accident happened at a gas station around 9:25 a.m. The driver of an SUV allegedly crashed into the side of a building at the station. When police arrived, they found the man behind the wheel of the car. He had passed out with the vehicle still running. Authorities speculate building damage to be about $20,000.

The man was transported to Piedmont Medical Center. During the course of his stay, toxicology tests showed a BAC level of .11 percent. In addition, the tests revealed traces of THC and cocaine. After leaving the hospital, the man was placed in the Rock Hill city jail on a bond of $1,000. According to authorities, this was his first offense.

An individual charged with DUI might benefit from consulting with an attorney. The attorney may review accident records and arrest reports to build a DUI defense. This may include the protocol that was followed when testing for drugs and alcohol. Such toxicology tests have specific requirements in terms of custody and standard techniques used to obtain a sample for testing. If this protocol is broken, the defendant may petition the court to reduce or drop the charges.

The attorney may also ask the court to enter into a plea agreement to reduce charges and penalties. If the charges are for a first offense, the attorney may present this to the court.

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