Man charged with DUI after allegedly hitting mailboxes

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A South Carolina man faces numerous charges after an alleged drunk driving incident on Nov. 30. According to authorities, a police officer noticed the 43-year-old accused man crossing the center line of a road in Kershaw County. Police say they then tried to stop the man, but he allegedly refused to comply with their request, initiating a chase through several residential areas.

Police say that during the pursuit, the man drove into residential yards and struck several mailboxes. A police dash cam caught a portion of the incident on video. The pursuit ended when the accused crashed into an embankment on Highway 1 in Lugoff.

Authorities detained the man and charged him with driving under the influence, driving under suspension and providing false information. He also faces charges for open container, leaving the scene of an accident and failure to stop for a blue light. There was no word as to his blood alcohol level or what tests may have been performed to determine that he was intoxicated. This is the man’s fifth arrest for drunk driving.

The accused man could face imprisonment, probation, fines and further license suspension if convicted. For each subsequent criminal conviction, an individual’s penalties will likely increase; although it is often possible to negotiate a plea deal for drunk driving charges, the possibility usually diminishes with each subsequent arrest. A defense attorney might be able to review the facts in the case and suggest a strategy for defense. He or she may look at any sobriety tests that were performed to determine whether they are reliable sources for evidence.

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