South Carolina assistant principal charged with DUI

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The assistant principal at a South Carolina high school is facing DUI charges after she was stopped by authorities on Dec. 20, according to reports. Witnesses claim that they found the woman passed out in her SUV in a Summerville bar parking lot, and they say that she drove away when they woke her. A police officer who arrived on the scene said she was unable to catch up with the woman at the time.

Later, the woman was allegedly clocked going 25 mph in a 55 mph zone, and authorities say that she was weaving into the oncoming lane. Once an officer did succeed in pulling her over, the woman was described as smelling of alcohol and having slurred speech and bloodshot eyes. Investigators also allege that the woman was reluctant to exit the vehicle, and when she finally did, she performed poorly on field sobriety tests. The woman reportedly refused to take a Breathalyzer and said that she had been drinking that night. She was then taken into custody.

Charges for drunk driving can be serious, and for individuals who work in certain professions like education or politics, they can also have implications for that individual’s career. As a result, an individual charged with DUI may wish to work with an attorney. There might be a number of options available for defense.

For example, an attorney might cast doubt on the version of events as described by authorities. In a case like this one, the individual might appear to be impaired due to a medical condition or might not be as impaired as described. Another option an attorney might consider is a plea bargain. This may result in fewer penalties for an individual facing DUI charges.

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