2 men arrested on drug charges

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South Carolina residents may have heard news about two men in North Carolina who were arrested as a result of drug raids executed on Feb. 11. The two residences targeted by the police were located in China Grove and Charlotte, N.C. Federal and local law enforcement agencies were monitoring three UPS packages being sent from California to two men in China Grove. Law enforcement claimed to have witnessed the two men pick up the packages in China Grove and deliver them to an address on West Hillside Drive.

Police followed the men from the residence to Interstate 85 southbound before pulling them over for a traffic stop. Officers detained the two men while police searched the residence located on West Hillside Drive. Authorities claim that the home under investigation is owned by the parents and sister of one of the two men. Police reportedly recovered six USPS receipts for shipments sent to the two North Carolina addresses on Feb. 9.

Aside from evidence of previous deliveries, officers recovered three boxes of marijuana from the West Hillside Drive residence. Once authorities obtained a warrant to search the Charlotte residence, police found more evidence of previous USPS shipments and activities associated with large-scale drug trafficking. Police were also able to intercept two packages that were being delivered to the Charlotte address. Authorities claim the arrest and seizures recovered approximately 60 pounds of high-grade cannabis valued around $300,000.

People who are facing charges of drug trafficking typically benefit from consulting a criminal defense lawyer. Legal counsel may be equipped to help protect the rights and interests of the accused. Lawyers typically begin building a defense strategy by reviewing the evidence and facts collected by police. Even if there’s not enough doubt in the evidence to obtain an acquittal, legal counsel may still be able to negotiate a favorable plea agreement for the defendant.

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