South Carolina man faces DUI, various other charges

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Bluffton police say that a local man on a moped was driving unsafely on Buckwalter Parkway. The man was said to be swerving and traveling across the lanes and falling off his moped. After pulling over the man, he was detained.

During the traffic stop, Bluffton officers say that they notified the man that he was being taken into custody for DUI after conducting a field sobriety test. The man allegedly resisted and tried to run away. He reportedly resisted a second time after police caught and handcuffed him. After gaining control over the man, the officers say that they found Xanax pills and marijuana in his possession. He was subsequently charged with DUI, resisting police, possession of a controlled substance and simple marijuana possession.

The man allegedly became violent while at the Bluffton Police Department, where officers say he also repeatedly struck his head against the door of his cell, which caused a minor injury. Officers transported him for treatment at Coastal Carolina. While returning to the police department, the man reportedly became violent and caused about $300 in damage in the rear seat of the police car. For this, the man was also charged with malicious injury to property.

Being charged with DUI is no minor matter, whether it is the first time or follows subsequent convictions. While first-time DUI convictions have less severe penalties, the consequences outside of court sentencing could mean that the defendants lose their jobs or have relationship trouble with family and friends.

Defendants with medical conditions that may make them appear alcohol impaired might use this in their defense approach to get the charges dropped. Some medications could also make breath test results appear higher than they really are, so providing evidence of this may also result in dismissed charges.

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