1 injured in South Carolina shooting

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According to South Carolina police, one person was injured after they became involved in a drive-by shooting on March 13. The incident occurred outside a home located in the 1600 block of Fairfax Drive in the town of Camden.

Authorities reported that approximately 10 rounds were fired from a handgun. They were able to locate a vehicle they believe was involved in the incident. Additionally, more than one person was taken into police custody. The injured person, who was shot in the leg, was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. He was ultimately released. Authorities were reportedly attempting to corroborate the story, but it was noted that both the injured person and witnesses who involved the incident were not cooperating with the investigators.

While the motive behind this particular incident was not reported, drugs are often involved in similar situations. In some cases, authorities may accuse individuals that they believe were involved in a shooting and obtain a search warrant. If drugs were found during the execution of the search warrant, the individuals who own the property may be accused of drug possession even if it was determined that they were not involved in the initial incident.

In these types of cases, there are several defense strategies that a criminal law attorney could potentially utilize. The attorney may provide evidence that the seized drugs did not belong to the accused person. Otherwise, the attorney may also analyze the case to determine if the search and seizure of the drugs was legal or if the officers violated their client’s rights when they were taken into custody.

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