Driver in South Carolina accident faces DUI charges

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A 50-year-old Williamston man was the only person injured in a wrong-way collision on March 3. The accident occurred at approximately 4 a.m. in Greer on I-85 as he struck a southbound tractor trailer while driving north in the southbound lane. The southbound lanes were closed for approximately one hour because of the accident.

Authorities indicate that the driver of the tractor trailer was uninjured in the incident. However, the man who is now facing charges of driving under the influence suffered injuries that required treatment at an area hospital. He is expected to recover. Reports do not indicate what the driver’s blood alcohol content was at the time, nor are there details about how his alleged intoxicated condition was identified or confirmed. There has been no public report of any similar incidents.

Accident investigation is an important follow-up when these types of incidents occur, and an individual who is charged might have an interest in the investigation results as a defense strategy is devised. One who is in a wrong-way accident, for example, might seek information about incorrect signs or other street details that might result in a wrong turn. This might be helpful if a driver is unfamiliar with the town or city in which the accident has occurred.

A criminal defense lawyer assisting a client in a case involving a DUI charge will review the arrest report and investigation details to determine whether authorities have complied with basic protocol. Additionally, the lawyer might challenge the methods used to determine that a client was under the influence. In some cases, a lawyer might recommend a plea arrangement while deciding to proceed to trial in other instances.

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