South Carolina gym teacher faces child pornography charges

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Being convicted of sex crimes can have a severe impact on the personal and professional life of the offender. In addition to potential incarceration, the person will also face a lifelong registry as a sex offender. Every case has two sides, and accused individuals must never sign statements or admit guilt without consulting with a legal professional. A South Carolina teacher is facing child pornography charges after he was found with photographs of fully clothed students.

The parents of 149 students of a middle school in Mauldin were informed that their children were photographed by the school’s former gym instructor. The 56-year-old teacher is facing charges related to possession and distribution of child pornography. The teacher was indicted in March.

Officials say the man photographed the students at school events and functions from 2007 through 2014. However, according to an official spokesperson, none of the images found by law enforcement were of pornographic nature. The students in all the pictures were fully clothed. In the letters to the parents, it is alleged that the accused teacher used the photographs to trade for pornographic material.

South Carolina residents who are facing child pornography charges may benefit from retaining the services of criminal defense attorneys who are experienced in protecting the rights of those accused of sex offenses. After gaining the relevant information of a client’s case, a lawyer will be equipped to challenge the evidence provided by the police, victim testimony and other aspects of the case. If possible, a felony conviction may be avoided, and if a reasonable plea bargain cannot be reached, the attorney will provide defense at trial.

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