South Carolina man accused of fraud in alleged investment scheme

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A 50-year-old South Carolina man is caught up in criminal charges, and he may be facing up to 10 years of jail time if he is convicted. He is in custody after the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) received allegations of a scamming operation and fraud against him. It is alleged that the man obtained thousands of dollars from others under false pretenses.

According to SLED, it is alleged that the man obtained checks for values ranging between $10,000 and $20,000 from individuals. Investors were apparently made to believe that their money would be put into Certificates of Deposit on their behalf. SLED investigators concluded that the man cashed four checks totaling $60,000 in value, and it is alleged that he kept the cash rather than invest it.

The man is reportedly facing charges of breach of trust and obtaining in excess of $10,000 under false pretenses. In some cases, ordinary transactions are misjudged and interpreted as fraudulent. Any person accused of a financial crime may benefit from the services of an experienced attorney. A legal representative who focuses on protecting the rights of those charged with white collar crimes will be able to determine the best manner in which to proceed to defend against the accusations.

The burden of proof is on prosecutors to prove that the accused intentionally committed fraud with the purpose to gain personally from the alleged actions. A South Carolina lawyer can provide an effective defense strategy and, in some circumstances, may head off formal charges. Felony charges of this nature are serious, and an attorney may be able to minimize the consequences by proactively countering the state’s case.

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