Execution of search warrants leads to several drug charges

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In South Carolina and elsewhere, individuals who engage in illegal drug activities can find themselves in trouble. Activities such as possession, trafficking, selling or manufacturing of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and numerous other drugs can result in serious drug charges. A 33-year-old Seneca man was recently arrested by deputies from Oconee County amid drug accusations.

Reportedly, a search warrant was served at a residence in Fair Play. With the warrant apparently in their hand, deputies claim the owner of the property consented to a search of the house. Allegedly, the authorities located and seized two bags that the property owner claimed to belong to the now-accused man. Moreover, deputies assert that this man gave them permission to search the contents of the bags.

The contents appeared to include methamphetamine, marijuana, Lortab and Xanax — the latter two being prescription drugs. The man now faces four charges of possession with the intention to distribute. One charge was filed for each of the prohibited drugs that were allegedly found in the bags.

When anyone in South Carolina faces drug charges, the potential consequences can be devastating. The best first step is to consult with an attorney experienced in handling drug crime cases. A lawyer can assess the circumstances and the specifics of the charges, along with the arrest procedures, in order to determine the available legal options for the particular situation. The defense focus is on protecting the legal rights of the accused individual while pursuing an optimal result that serves his or her best interests.

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