Bond denied for driver facing felony drunk driving charge

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South Carolina drivers who are accused of DUI offenses typically require legal counsel from the outset. Having professional support throughout the proceedings may be invaluable, starting at the bond hearing. With no legal representation, those who are accused of drunk driving could unwittingly compromise their own cases during interrogations or interviews.

A driver who is facing a felony DUI charge was recently denied bond because the court considered him a flight risk. He was arrested after a collision that claimed the life of a motorcyclist. South Carolina Highway Patrol reported that the accident occurred in the early morning hours of a recent Sunday when the alleged drunk driver was westbound on SC-544 in Horry County. He reportedly turned left onto US-17 without yielding and smashed into an eastbound motorcycle.

The motorcyclist, who was reportedly not protected by a crash helmet, was rushed to a hospital but succumbed to his injuries. The car driver suffered only minor injuries. Although no details were made available about how and when his level of intoxication was determined, he was formally charged with felony DUI.

With the guidance of an experienced South Carolina drunk driving defense attorney, it may be possible for this man to successfully challenge the no-bond ruling. The burden of proof in criminal proceedings is on the government, and the standard required is significant and exacting. If prosecutors fail to provide competent and relevant evidence that meets the standard of proof required, no conviction can occur. While each case is unique to its underlying facts and circumstances, having an experienced criminal defense lawyer by one’s side can help level the playing field before the court.

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