Man accused of criminal sexual conduct with a minor met online

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Some criminal allegations have the ability to cause permanent damage to the accused person’s reputation and life, even if the accusations ultimately turn out to be false. Accusations of criminal sexual conduct with a minor may cause irreparable damage to a person’s life regardless of the outcome of litigation. A 21-year-old South Carolina man is facing such charges after his recent arrest.

The South Carolina Attorney General’s office reported that the young man met an underage individual online through social media. This was reportedly followed by arrangements for a personal meeting. It is alleged that the accused man then proceeded to sexually exploit the minor.

The man was arrested and jailed, and he was reportedly later released on a surety bond of $25,000. The arrest was made by the police in cooperation with the South Carolina Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. Criminal sexual conduct with a minor is a felony offense, and a conviction may lead to as much as 20 years behind bars. If convicted, the offender will also be registered as a sex offender.

Considering the severe consequences of a conviction on a charge of criminal sexual conduct with a minor, individuals may recognize the need for professional help in defending themselves. Those who have been accused or charged with such a crime, and also those who are aware of being investigated, may want to seek someone to protect their legal rights. Defending such charges may be best handled by an experienced criminal defense attorney. Every South Carolina resident facing criminal charges remains innocent until the prosecution has proved guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. However, with professional guidance, the indelible stain caused by any such accusations may be limited.

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