Wife accuses husband’s friend of sex crimes in her home

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Accusations of sex crimes need to be handled carefully, as anything that is said to police or investigators can have an impact on the case. Claims of sexual assault or other sex crimes are often unfounded or exaggerated by the person filing the charge and require thorough investigation. A South Carolina man was recently arrested after his friend’s wife filed a charge of sexual assault against him.

It was reported that the accused man and a friend went to a bar in Myrtle Beach to watch a football game. It is alleged that the man left the pub before the end of the game, claiming to have to collect his daughter somewhere. According to the claim, he went to his friend’s home instead. The friend’s wife asserts she met him at the door but was forced back into the house, with the accused reportedly claiming that he knew she wanted to be with him.

The woman alleges she was pushed into the laundry room, where the accused man assaulted her. It is also alleged that this assault was premeditated, as the man knew that she would be home alone while her husband was still at the bar. The man is now facing one count of criminal sexual conduct, in the third degree, along with a count of first-degree burglary.

When accused of sex crimes, individuals have certain rights. They have the right to retain the services of a legal representative, and they may refuse to answer questions without the presence of legal counsel. It may be beneficial to utilize the services of an experienced South Carolina criminal defense attorney who can ensure the protection of the accused person’s legal rights during the investigation and throughout any court proceedings that may follow.

Source: New York Daily News, “S.C. man sexually assaults friend’s wife at her home after leaving pal at bar: cops“, Nina Golgowski, Sept. 24, 2015


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