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November 2015 Archives

Federal embezzlement charges filed against 2 in property business

Two South Carolina residents are facing federal charges related to alleged embezzlement of funds in their property management company. The accused individuals are the owner of the company -- a 48-year-old woman from Walterboro -- and the man in charge of the preparation and maintenance of the company's financial statements. He is 72 years old and resides in Hilton Head. It is alleged that the embezzlement from homeowner associations involved more than $3 million. 

South Carolina man faces Internet solicitation of a minor charge

A South Carolina man was recently arrested on charges related to sexual misconduct. It is alleged that the man used social media to solicit sex from a minor. Investigators reported that the accused man also used this means to send photos of a sexually explicit nature. He is now facing a felony charge of Internet solicitation of a minor.

South Carolina man pleads guilty to charges including mail fraud

A South Carolina man recently pleaded guilty in a federal court to charges related to a national health care fraud scheme. This man, along with three alleged co-conspirators from other states, was indicted on mail fraud charges in June 2013. The charges against the other three individuals are pending. These defendants will remain innocent until their guilt is proved beyond a reasonable doubt as an indictment is not evidence of guilt but only an allegation.

Parents fleeing with children arrested on drug charges

South Carolina police recently arrested two people who had allegedly fled with their three children after a protection order was issued in another state. When the parents were located, police reportedly found them in possession of drugs. They are now facing drug charges, and the children were placed in the custody of the Department of Social Services.