Child pornography charges follow 38-year-old man’s arrest

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A 38-year-old South Carolina man who, according to the authorities, admitted to sharing child pornography online was recently arrested in North Charleston. He is now facing several child pornography charges. According to the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, an investigation was initiated in June after it received information about possible child pornography from the South Carolina Internet Crimes Against Children (SCICAC) task force.

The SCICAC reportedly came across some files containing images of children involved in sexual acts and passed it on to the sheriff’s office. According to affidavits, it was apparently determined that four files were uploaded to a file-exchange network from an IP address belonging to a computer at the residential address of the accused man. A search warrant was executed on Dec. 8 after surveillance was performed at the man’s residence for two days at the beginning of December.

The search reportedly led to the man’s arrest. It was also reported that the man accused of these offenses was already listed as a sex offender on the state’s registry prior to this arrest. In some cases, individuals react with remorse or fear when they are confronted with allegations of sexual offenses. This may lead to statements that might have been better left until after retaining the services of a legal representative.

As this case goes forward, an experienced South Carolina criminal defense attorney can examine all evidence and the procedures used to obtain it. All the child pornography charges will be scrutinized, and an attorney can challenge the investigation by police and other facets of the case against the client. Alongside an experienced lawyer, an accused individual can fight for a result that is in his or her own best interests.

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