DUI charges filed after fatal South Carolina cross-over accident

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A 48-year-old South Carolina resident is facing several charges after she allegedly caused a vehicle accident that ended in injuries and a fatality. The South California Highway Patrol reported that the 48-year-old woman was taken into custody on DUI and other charges in the early morning hours of Dec. 26. The accident investigation is ongoing.

A preliminary accident report indicates that the accused woman crossed into the traffic lane of vehicles traveling in the opposite direction. She reportedly crashed head-on into an SUV. The impact of the collision caused severe injuries to the front-seat passenger of the SUV. This elderly passenger was transported to a hospital but died soon after arrival.

The driver of the SUV and a 10-year-old passenger in the vehicle of the accused woman were both transported to a hospital for treatment of undisclosed injuries. Authorities arrested the cross-over driver, and she was charged with felonies, including DUI causing death and injuries and child endangerment. It was also alleged that she had open alcohol containers in the car, and she was charged with committing offenses related to drugs and alcohol in the presence of a child.

This South Carolina woman who is accused of DUI-related offenses may take the most logical step of retaining the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney. In addition to scrutinizing the search and arrest procedures for irregularities, a lawyer can ensure that she is treated fairly and impartially throughout all the proceedings. Before the woman can be convicted, the prosecution will have to prove her guilt on all charges, and an attorney can provide a defense to achieve the best possible outcome for her case.

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