Sex crimes charges follow undercover sting operation

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Facing sex crimes charges in South Carolina can have an adverse impact on the life of the accused person if he or she is convicted. A man from Goose Creek, 29, is facing several charges of criminal solicitation of a minor along with one count of attempted criminal sexual conduct with a minor. These sex crimes charges were reported by the office of the South Carolina Attorney General.

An incident report from the office of the Charleston County Sheriff states that the charges arose from an incident in which an undercover member of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force created a fake profile online, posing as a 14-year-old girl. The accused man allegedly started communicating with what he thought was a girl, and his conversations allegedly indicated that he was aware of her being a minor. He allegedly pretended to be 25-years-old and asked whether she was bothered by his age.

Reportedly, an arrangement was made to meet who he thought was the girl. When he traveled to the arranged location earlier this month, he was arrested by deputies. Investigators also seized some electronic devices.

This South Carolina man’s legal representative will advocate for him throughout the legal proceedings that will follow the sex crimes charges that were filed against him. An experienced criminal defense attorney will thoroughly assess all the charges and scrutinize the procedures followed during the undercover operation. A lawyer will also handle any negotiations if a plea deal is offered, but he or she will be ready to provide a strong defense in court if necessary. The attorney will work to obtain a result that will have minimum impact on the future of the accused man.

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