Drug crimes allegations land 66-year-old man behind bars

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Legal options exist for South Carolina residents facing criminal charges. Whether the charges involve drug crimes or other allegations of wrongdoing, the accused individual retains the right to retain a criminal defense attorney. A man from Graniteville is likely conferring with legal counsel after his recent arrest.

The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office reportedly investigated a 66-year-old man over a four-month period prior to his arrest. An arrest report indicates that officers executed a search warrant at the man’s home on a recent Tuesday morning. During the search, they purportedly discovered and seized cash, illegal prescription drugs and over 80 weapons.

Law enforcement authorities say that the search also uncovered evidence of an illegal gambling establishment, reportedly maintained in the man’s residence at some point in the past. He was arrested and booked into the local detention center. He now faces charges related to possession of drugs with the intention to distribute, including a separate accusation that he did so in the vicinity of a school.

With the support and guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney, anyone in South Carolina who is accused of drug crimes can act to protect their legal rights. Having a lawyer present during police questioning can also prevent the client inadvertently saying or doing something that might jeopardize his or her case.  A lawyer can advocate on behalf of the client throughout the legal proceedings and do everything possible to obtain a favorable outcome that the client deems to be in his or her own best interests.

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