Drug trafficking charges follow seizure of 125 pounds of cocaine

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When individuals are arrested on drug charges in South Carolina, the severity of the charges is determined by the type and quantity of the drugs confiscated. However, convictions on any drug charges — whether it is possession or drug trafficking — can have devastating consequences for the accused individuals. For this reason, obtaining the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney may be advantageous.

Two men from another state were recently arrested after they were stopped for a moving violation on northbound Interstate 95 in Florence County. An incident report by the Florence County Sheriff’s Office indicated that a deputy initiated a traffic stop around mid-morning on a recent Tuesday. Specially trained officers of the county’s criminal enforcement unit obtained approval to search the vehicle after developing a suspicion that a criminal activity was happening.

During a vehicle search, officers discovered 50 parcels of cocaine in powdered form, each weighing approximately 2.2 pounds. Reportedly, the estimated value of the 125 pounds of cocaine is about $6 million. The two men, ages 35 and 41, were charged with drug trafficking and bail was denied for both. The ongoing investigation may lead to additional charges.

It was reported that drug trafficking of cocaine carries a mandatory 25 to 30-year prison term, and the accused individuals will naturally seek the support and protection that can be provided by an experienced South Carolina criminal defense attorney. Although any accused person remains innocent until — and only if — guilt is proved beyond a reasonable doubt, having a legal representative to advocate on behalf of an accused person during possible plea negotiations can be invaluable. However, if the case goes to court, an attorney can present a strong defense to achieve the best possible outcome.

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