Act of revenge leads to drug charges for betrayed lover

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The scorn of a South Carolina man after learning that his girlfriend was unfaithful has landed him in trouble. The 36-year-old man decided to get back at his two-timing girlfriend by spray painting “CHEETER” on her car — it is not known whether the incorrect spelling was intentional. Officers caught him in the act and found him in possession of substances that led to drug charges.

Police reports indicate that the incident occurred on a recent Friday on the premises of a convenience store in Jonesville. The ex-girlfriend is apparently employed by the store. Reportedly, a deputy approached the man after noticing him with the spray paint next to the car. Although the suspect tried to flee, he was soon apprehended. Police say he admitted to vandalizing the car, explaining his intentions of revenge.

Following his arrest, police reportedly searched the man and found him in possession of marijuana. A possession charge was added to the charge of vandalism. Investigators also found two different controlled substances in one of his pockets, and additional charges may be added.

Drug charges in South Carolina are always serious, and the type and quantity can determine the severity of punishment in the event of conviction. Any person is entitled to retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney to advocate on his or her behalf during all the legal proceedings that typically follow an arrest. A lawyer can handle any plea negotiations that may be offered by the prosecution or provide an effective defense if the case goes to court.

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