Drug possession charge follows loan application

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When South Carolina residents face criminal charges, they typically look for the most appropriate way to navigate their defense. Being accused of drug possession is serious, and a conviction can have devastating consequences. The type and quantity of drugs found on an accused person typically determine the severity of the charges.

A 58-year-old Spartanburg man was recently arrested and booked into jail on a charge of being in possession of less than one gram of meth/crack cocaine. According to a report by the Spartanburg Public Safety Department, the arrest followed a call from a loan company. The man allegedly went to a high-interest, fast-cash loan office to pawn his car. He reportedly stated that he wanted to secure a loan to finance a purchase of methamphetamines.

The clerk claimed the customer appeared drugged, and she asked her manager’s help in a faxed message. The manager reportedly alerted the police, and they proceeded to the loan office. The man was searched, and police claim to have seized a container with less than one gram of a white substance inside. The suspect claimed it was cocaine but that it was not for his use because he prefers meth.

The accused man must now focus on navigating the coming legal proceedings concerning the first-degree drug possession charge he is facing. A criminal defense lawyer can determine the best course of action after assessing the charges and the available evidence. Regardless of the defense strategy, the attorney will work to achieve the best possible results for the client under the particular circumstances.

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