Ex-baseball player faces federal drug charges

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A former South Carolina college baseball player is accused of being a drug dealer. Along with a 28-year-old friend, the 27-year-old former athlete is facing federal drug charges. Both men reportedly pleaded guilty at a recent hearing. A U.S. District Court judge accepted the guilty pleas of both men. They were found to have conspired to possess and distribute marijuana and a drug known as Molly.

Reportedly, the Drug Enforcement Administrations launched an investigation into the activities of these two men and others in 2013. It was suspected that marijuana and Molly were imported and distributed. Agents say they seized cash to the approximate value of $150,000 and nine 1 kilogram packages of Molly from the ex-college athlete during the investigation.

He was reportedly arrested last August and found in possession of a loaded pistol, almost $1,500 in cash and two valuable watches. Two cellphones were also seized, allegedly containing images of plastic containers filled with stacks of money. Agents reported that the man accompanied them to his family farm and pointed out where more than $1,760,000 was buried.

Anyone facing drug charges in South Carolina, whether at the state or federal level, may benefit from the guidance and support of an experienced criminal defense attorney. A lawyer can protect the rights of the client while also working to prepare and present a strong defense, all focused on achieving favorable results in court. It was reported that the convictions in this case could result in a 20-year prison sentence and a possible fine of $1 million for each of the two men.

Source: New York Daily News, “Former Clemson baseball player Bradley Lewis Felder buried almost $2 million of drug money on family farm“, Pat Leonard, June 3, 2016


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