South Carolina man faces 11 child pornography charges

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When South Carolina residents are accused of crimes, they may feel trapped by circumstances. If the alleged crimes involve child pornography charges, the outlook may be bleak. Prosecutors may not like to negotiate deals on these types of charges, and a conviction may lead to time behind bars and registration as a sex offender. Even if the charges are dropped or the jury acquits, the humiliation often remains.

A West Columbia man is facing 11 charges for sex crimes. His arrest followed an investigation by the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. It is alleged that the accused man distributed child pornography through a network on which such files are shared.

It was reported that the man may be incarcerated for 20 years if he is convicted on all charges. After his arrest on June 9, he was charged with sexual exploitation of minors — five second-degree counts and six third-degree counts. He will, however, remain innocent until proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

The fact that this man stands accused of sex crimes and is facing child pornography charges does not automatically make him guilty. The prosecutors have the burden of proof to document the accusations with sufficient evidence that complies with the demanding requirements of the South Carolina criminal justice system. Being accused of sex offenses is serious, and this man will likely benefit from the support and guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney to advocate for him during the legal proceedings that lie ahead. The right to pursue the best possible outcome is accorded to each defendant in a criminal court

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