UPS driver faces fraud and breach of trust charges

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Sometimes an individual in South Carolina succumbs to temptation when given the chance to obtain money in a questionable manner. When circumstances at work present opportunities in which an employee can enrich him or herself, it may be difficult to resist. A UPS driver is currently facing fraud charges after he allegedly stole state lottery tickets. His friend, who is alleged to be part of the conspiracy, was also arrested.

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division charged the two 24-year-old men with conspiracy and the intent of defrauding the state lottery. The UPS driver is also accused of breach of trust. The arrests followed the theft of $2,400 worth of lottery tickets. The tickets were addressed to two South Carolina stores.

Among the stolen tickets, the two alleged thieves found 16 tickets with some winnings. With the help of surveillance cameras, police reportedly identified the two men when they cashed those tickets at various stores. The total amount of winnings earned was only $465.00, and officials said — if convicted — the two alleged thieves may each be sentenced to 10 years behind bars.

An experienced South Carolina criminal defense attorney will be able to support and guide any person who is accused of fraud or breach of trust throughput the legal proceedings following an arrest. No person is guilty until prosecutors have proved guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. An attorney can scrutinize the evidence and the details of the investigation and the arrest. He or she can advocate for a client during negotiations if a plea deal is offered. Otherwise, a strong defense, based on the facts of the case, can be presented during a criminal trial.

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