Traffic stop leads to arrest of 2 wanted on drug charges

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Shortly after midnight on a recent Sunday morning, South Carolina troopers noticed a car driving erratically on U.S. 17 toward Georgetown. They followed the car and pulled the driver over — not realizing that the occupants were wanted on drug charges. The driver allegedly said he did not have his driver’s license with him; he provided a name but said he could not remember his Social Security number. He was asked to exit the car, and troopers claim they could smell alcohol on him. Officers also said they noticed the passenger trying to hide something, but he refused to answer their questions and managed to flee the scene.

The police department was asked to locate that man while troopers continued searching the driver and the car. They claim to have found his driver’s license which indicated that he had earlier provided a false name, and their search apparently also yielded liquor in two cups in the car. Police located the passenger and upon his return to the scene, he allegedly provided three false names. However, upon arrival at the police station, he was identified and found in possession of 7.3 grams of marijuana.

Once their real identities were known, authorities discovered that there were warrants out for the arrests of both men. Reportedly, the two men had been sought by the Drug Enforcement Unit since the beginning of this year. The warrants that were issued for their arrests followed an undercover operation in which confidential informants bought drugs from the pair close to a school. One of them allegedly also sold heroin to an informant while he had a small child in the car with him.

Both men are now facing serious drug charges. One remains in jail on a bond exceeding $80,000, and the other was released after paying almost $61,000 in bond money. People in South Carolina who are facing such charges will not likely attempt to handle their own defense. Being charged does not constitute guilt, and any accused individual has the right to retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney to advocate on his or her behalf.

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