Students suspected of selling marijuana-laced brownies

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Two high school students in South Carolina are spending time in a juvenile detention center while waiting to learn what charges will be filed against them. According to a spokesperson for the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office, the two girls are suspected of selling brownies on school grounds that were allegedly laced with marijuana. Investigators reportedly interviewed the girls, but charges are still pending.

The brownies were sent to be tested by a forensic laboratory to determine whether the cookies contained marijuana and/or any other illegal substances. The girls were suspended after their arrest, and the school reported that other students who bought the cookies might also be suspended. The brownies were sold at $6 apiece.

Reportedly, the odd behavior of a student led to the start of the investigation. The student, who was sent to the office of the principal, was questioned by a school resource officer representing the sheriff’s office. Information obtained led to the arrival of drug investigators who traced the brownies to the two students who are now in custody.

The potential consequences of drug charges involving marijuana or any other illegal substances at such a young age can significantly impact the future of the young girls who are now awaiting charges. While there are special programs in place in South Carolina to get juveniles back on the straight and narrow, they will both benefit from the support and guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. The manner in which these charges are handled may determine the futures of these students.

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