Federal grand jury indicts inmate alleging drug crimes

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Accusations of continuing his criminal activities while he was behind bars were made against a 28-year-old inmate of a correctional institution in South Carolina. He is one of 15 prisoners who were indicted on alleged drug crimes by a federal grand jury last month. This is certainly not an enviable position in which to be, and the accused man will likely be considering his defense options at this time.

Court documents indicate that the man was part of a conspiracy to possess and distribute methamphetamine from behind bars. To do this, he allegedly took advantage of his access to cellphones. Accusations include his participation in the brokering and management of distribution and delivery of illegal substances. Further allegations include the use of the U.S. Mail service to get the drugs to distributors and runners across several states.

Furthermore, allegations include the illegal laundering of money obtained from drug sales. Money transfers were made, and pre-paid cash cards were used to do purchases and cash withdrawals. According to the indictment, the accused man allegedly possessed a firearm that was used to carry out drug trafficking offenses.

An indictment by a federal grand jury does not mean the person who is accused of committing drug crimes is guilty. That is merely a confirmation that formal charges can be filed in a federal court. The prosecution will have the burden to prove that individual’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt before a conviction can take place. With the skills of an experienced criminal defense attorney, any accused person in South Carolina has a chance to challenge any allegations against him or her and work toward the best possible outcome.

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