Internet crimes allegations follow Facebook threat

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Some people in South Carolina and elsewhere have found a variety of ways in which to perpetrate crimes on the internet. Internet crimes vary in seriousness, and misdemeanor and/or felony charges may be pursued. A former student of a local school is facing a misdemeanor charge after allegedly using the internet to threaten the school.

Authorities reported that two investigators were presenting an anti-bullying talk at Hemingway High School on a recent Friday. While they were there, they learned that a threat to blow up the school had been posted on Facebook. The post was under an assumed name, but the identity of the holder of that social media account apparently indicated that he was a student who had been expelled from the school on the previous day.

Various law enforcement agencies participated in a search, and deputies located the young man at the residence of a family member within about an hour of the posted threat. Reportedly, investigators discovered no weapons during a search, nor did they find any evidence of plans to harm anybody at the school. So, was this just an empty threat posted in rage, or did the former high school student have plans to take revenge for being expelled?

Facing charges of internet crimes can have life-altering consequences — even if it is only a misdemeanor charge. The accused man has his whole life ahead, and a conviction can limit employment possibilities and more. With an experienced criminal defense attorney on his side, this young South Carolina man might be able to limit those consequences. However, not until the prosecution can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt can he be convicted, and a skilled attorney will focus on gathering and presenting the evidence to create that doubt.

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