South Carolina women claim ties to celebrity in wire fraud case

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Two women are facing federal charges after claiming ties to a celebrity in an attempt to gain investors. Promising major returns to anyone involved, they managed to gain over $300,000 in a recent wire fraud case in South Carolina. Both are facing up to 20 years in prison and $250,000 in fines.

In order to gain investors, the two claimed to have sold the rights to a book, written by one of the women and published by the other, to a celebrity. They also claimed there would be an upcoming movie or television show starring one of the women. Using these promises of future success, they managed to obtain a large sum of money from investors who were promised increased returns. Both women recently pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud in federal court.

In addition to claiming to have sold the rights of the book to a popular producer, they created fake documents from a bank depicting a large sum of money pending. They also forged documents to show high numbers in sales for the book. A recent investigation proved the book deal to be false and all the money invested by the victims lost.

Facing these types of charges alone can be extremely difficult. A conviction this severe can drastically alter a person’s future. Having an attorney who is experienced in defended wire fraud cases to examine the evidence can change the outcome of the case, including when plea negotiations are involved. Many South Carolina residents seek this type of professional advice when facing similar charges to obtain the best overall outcome for their situation.

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