Disturbance call leads to drug charges for man in South Carolina

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Being convicted of a drug-related crime can affect several different areas of a person’s life. Even if the charges are less severe, loss of employment and/or reputation in the community can be difficult to overcome. People often seek to protect these areas of life when facing drug charges, but many find the process to be complex, prompting a need to seek legal counsel. This may be the case for a deputy coroner who is facing multiple charges in South Carolina.

Police received a disturbance call in the early hours of the morning from a local convenience store. After arrival, they approached a vehicle after allegedly catching the scent of marijuana. Officers claim the man tried to run after an attempt was made to search him. They claim to have found several packages containing ecstasy along with other various drugs and paraphernalia.

He was arrested and is now facing multiple charges, including possession with intent to distribute ecstasy and hash oil. A successful conviction of this nature could have a negative impact on his future. Even if he does not spend time in jail, loss of employment can create many hardships.

Seeking legal advice early on in the process can often be invaluable when facing drug charges. People in South Carolina often speak with a criminal defense attorney when facing a similar situation for advice on how to obtain the best overall outcome. An experienced attorney can examine all evidence against a person, ensure that a client’s rights were not violated in the search process, and assist in forming a strategy to combat the charges.

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