Man allegedly DUI in South Carolina car accident

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Car accidents continue to be a significant concern in South Carolina and across the country. With many of these accidents, investigations occur to determine the cause of the crash. If a person is suspected of driving under the influence during an accident, he or she could face criminal charges. DUI charges have been filed against a man after a recent accident.

The accident happened just after nightfall when a man driving a pickup truck collided with a man on a bicycle. The cyclist was injured and taken to a hospital shortly after the accident. The driver of the truck did not leave the scene and admitted to colliding with the cyclist. A police officer on the scene noted that there were no lights on the bicycle, which may have made the cyclist difficult to see.

Police took the driver of the truck into custody, alleging that he was under the influence at the time of the accident. When facing a similar circumstance, many people find it beneficial to form an early defense strategy to help combat the charges. This may help to achieve a more favorable outcome regarding any criminal proceedings.

There are several different circumstances revolving around charges of this nature that can possibly make a significant difference in the outcome. Defending against a South Carolina DUI charge is challenging, and seeking assistance from someone who is knowledgeable of the process may be advisable. An experienced criminal defense attorney can provide advice on how to pursue the best overall outcome in court.

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